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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Marriage in the Philippines / MVV Visa in Netherlands

Hoi! I am only new here in blogging site. I just made it to experience how the world of blogging site ever made to help people find way how and what are the things needed to do when you have this kind of an everlasting love. I am Charmelle married to lovely Dutch guy.  We decided to get married. I was working in Saudi Arabia and thanks God to the power of internet and the facebook! :) I found my love of my life back. We are really proud to say that our love story starts in the strange world of internet. I want to share with you how we get through of this wonderful life called married life.

As this is my own timeframe for Marriage and MVV Visa. It takes longer but we are currently happy at the moment. Prayers just needed for this to get through of my MVV Visa. I hope to be in Holland before this Christmas 2011. :)

FIRST, Here are the process of Marrying foreigners in the Philippines.

April 15, 2011 – We arrived in the Philippines for the preparation of our wedding.
April 17, 2011 – We went to Embassy of the Netherlands for the application of Legal Capacity of hubby to marry in the Philippines and we went to DFA for the authenticated my birth certificate – also the released of the document.

April 22, 2011 – Released date of the Legal capacity of my hubby.
                         – Application for the marriage license in Antipolo City Municipal hall.
April 23, 2011 – Application for the tourist visa to go to Holland. (Just to know my hubby’s parents and relatives)

April 24 – May 1, 2011 – Final Preparation for the wedding.
May 2, 2011 – Wedding date in the Philippines
May 5, 2011 – Released of the Schengen Visa from the Embassy.
May  10, 2011 – Flight to Holland as Tourist.

(May – August 8, 2011) – Exploring Holland, learning dutch languages and culture.

SECONDLY but this is definitely the LAST STEP: PROCESS OF MVV VISA (Residence Permit)

August 9, 2011 – Flight going back to Philippines
August 11, 2011 – Scheduled for Inburgering Examen in the Netherlands Embassy in Phils.
August 11,2011 at 5:30pm – Announced the result of the Exam and I successfully passed the exam! Thanks God!! GESLAAGD!!!

NOTE! IND will give 3 months for preparation of payments such as Inburgering Exam, Visa and etc. When hubby saw the acknowledgement receipt from my email, its been 1 month already before he paid for the Inburgering Exam. Why? because if you dont pay it within 3 months, it will be void. So he immediately pay the exam already.

August 12, 2011 – Authentication of Marriage contract at the DFA.
-          Application for another certification of the diploma and TOR from PNU.
August 13, 2011 – Released of the authenticated MC from the DFA.
August 14, 2011 – Application of the legalization of MC and Birth Certificate at the Netherlands embassy in Makati City.

August 17, 2011 – Released date of the Legalized document from the Embassy.
August 18, 2011 – Sent documents in the Netherlands
-          Released date of the certificates from PNU

August 19, 2011 – Application of the legalization of the school records at the embassy.
August 22, 2011 – Released date of the legalized school records at the embassy.
August 23, 2011 – Hubby received the legalized documents.
August 29, 2011 – Hubby registered the MC at the Gemeentehius in Ede, Holland.
August 31, 2011 – Paid the fees of the registration and  Hubby received all the necessary documents needed to submit for the MVV from his work, tax, insurance and etc.

September 3, 2011 – Hubby received the registered documents. (We are now officially registered in Holland as married couple!)

September 5, 2011 – Registered documents are now being sent at IND. (Now, we need to wait for the  decision)

September 6, 2011 – IND received the necessary documents for MVV Application.

September 8, 2011 - I found out that I need to apply for the CFO for the amendment of my married surname in my passport, since my passport is still single in status and will expire on 2013. I called everything to know about CFO requirements especially im married with the foreigner. 

September 9, 2011 - I never expected that I will going to attend the guidance and counselling program by CFO for those married with foreigner. So it was 1:00 pm when I arrived at the CFO center, then they told me to join the session at 1:30pm, so i stayed and attended the CFO guidance and counselling. CFO certificate is needed for the immigration on the day of our departure. But since im waiting for my visa still, i did the guidance and counselling program earlier as now. But still i need to go back for the sticker on my passport. So after the session, it takes 2 and a half hours to finished. There are group counselling and individual counselling afterwards. Then, after that, I received my certificate of attendance and CFO certificate. So here it is: 

This is the certificate of attendance look like. (: and here is the CFO certificate:

And it says there, Im already valid to travel to Netherlands (: I still dont have the sticker on my passport because i still have to wait for the visa, then once ive got the visa, i need to go back to the center to get the sticker for my passport. 

September 15, 2011 - (Day time in Holland), hubby received the acknowledgment receipt from IND. He still needs to wait for the notice of IND when he needs to pay the visa. Acknowledgement receipt only states that they confirmed already that they received the papers and they are now on process and checking all the necessary documents for the visa. They told hubby, he will get a response next week or in 2 weeks, and worst, within 3 months. Haayy hopefully, it will be released next week (: pray pray pray.. (:

                            My hubby needs to pay then in 2 weeks im back in Holland! 

November 7, 2011 - Appointment at the embassy for MVV and personal appearance.


November 13 - My Flight Back to Holland! Via Malaysian Airlines/KLM.
November 14 - at 6:30 in the morning (Holland Time) - Arrival in the Netherlands. It was foggy Autumn weather but I still Thank God for having back my hubby in my arms..

I still cant believe the miracle happens so fast and days are really passing by.. He is with me again and will be forever together without going back to Philippines alone.

November 15 - We went to Gemeentehuis for reporting and registration.. Im glad, I saw Autumn Season in Real! :D 

Days are passing by.. I have to wait for the time to go to IND Utrecht. As my dad - in- law will be with me to go there for my Residence ID card.. 

Celebrating Sinterklaas and Autumn season with my husband.

December 7 - Day of appointment for IND Utrecht. For your information, you need to prepare 300 EUR for application. What the hell?? Another payment?? But we really need to obey the rules.. As they say, "THIS IS HOLLAND" hahaha HOLLAND is EXPENSIVE .. heheh

December 8 - My hubby and I submitted the paper to Townhall, and we must wait for 1 week for the confirmation and they will give my BSN number. 

December 14 - I finally received papers and my BSN number is written there! 

December 21, 2011 - We received an acknowledgement receipt confirming that IND is now processing my residence permit from our application. Hopefully, we can get it by Jan 4, 2012. :)

Unluckily, i didnt have my residence card as early as expected, we went through sending letters to the ministry and report whats happening on my papers. We asked the IND if we had lacking papers or necessary documents. But they said all is well and just wait for the paper that they will send until we can finally get my 1st residence permit which is valid for 1 year. 

May 29, 2012 - when I finally had my 1st residence permit card. But for some kind of reasons it was only valid for 6 months. It was dated that I applied December 7, 2011 but then half a year already so I only need to use it for 6 months almost. 

June 5, 2012 - 1st day of my work. It was a gambling. My dutch still needs to improve but just showed what ive got! :) 

August 16, 2012 - Got a letter from IND that i need to renew my card.. We needed to pay 375 euros for renewal of residence permit, valid for 5 years already. Nothing to do but needed to follow the rules. 

August 27, 2012 - I started my school for Dutch language officially. For me to get diploma and apply soon for Dutch passport .

October 11, 2012 - Autumn break, they are finally on-time for giving the released date of my new residence permit. 

October 13, 2012 - I finally had my 5 years validity of Residence permit.. 

Ive got more long way to go, improve my dutch and goal of having full-time contract from my work.. 

See you in 3 or 5 years IND for dutch passport! :)

*Note: it will only take 3 years, if you are married or living with Nederlander and soon as you passed the exams in School which is required by the Gemeente. 

Thanks God! For all the hardworks and Patience! More hardworks to be made. Thinking if finishing my school before focusing myself to our future baby. My school only last 18months.. i know it will be fast as possible but God has its own time and has its own plan for my husband and I. 

If you have questions, just comment and I will try to answer you soon as possible and if free time arrives ;) 
Some can add me on my facebook account :)

Till my next blog! :) Tot ziens iedereen!


  1. Hi Charmelle!! Ruth to. Bigla akong nakarating sa blog mo.. :) Pd mag tanong how was the inburgering exam? Plano ko na kasing mag register sa 2nd week of october.. :) Thanks!

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  2. Hi Ruth! The exam is hard. For me first part is easy. You only have to identify the pictures. 2nd part, un na ung KNS. mahirap intindihin pag sobrang pabilis na ung dutch speaking nila. 3rd part, that's the easiest na. Kasi you only have to read it and it should be very clear. :) Where are you? Your hubby should register it online and pay it online too. It costs EUR 350. Goodluck then! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Charmelle! Thank you for the reply, ung sa 2nd part bah ito ung repeating sentences?Dito nga din ako nahihirapan ngayon LOL!BTW, dito ako ako sa Las Pinas. Uu siya nga ang mag reg para sa kin.. Salamat Charm.. :) Ung GBL test bah, di mahirap? Ito yong magbabasa ka nang story tapos sasagutan mo ang ilang tanong dun? Thank you ulit.. :) Regards sayo... :)

  4. Ang 2nd part e ung meh opposites. Then, ung uulitin mo ang story, its on your own language kung anu ang pagkakaintindi mo. ung 3rd part, is you will read something then somebody is speaking in the headphone. Thanks! Have you been in Holland na ba?

  5. HOi! Charmelle, same here i accidentaly landed on ur blog..thanks for this informative topic* will sure visit ur blog regularly* congratulation too* and good luck for both of you & ur hubby* =)


  6. Hi Yiella...

    Thank you for the comment.. Really appreciated! ;)


  7. hello Charmelle,
    Im Haydee from Davao City. Im reading your blog detailed, thanks for the info.
    I have a good looking dutch bf like ur hubby hehe..and he will come to pinas this october if it goes well with hes boss or this year. Galing ako Dubai and stayin in pinas now for almost a year. Balik ako Dubai this year ulit, pero sabi ko sa knya hintayin ko sya dito. Sabi nman nya after we meet here, he can visit me in dubai kami and kuha ng necessary papers anywhere tru our high technology now.It takes time like you it takes almost a year? So i have to be in the pinas din to comply all the requiremnts?

    Regards to you and your hubby
    Thanks for the reply :)


    1. Sorry for the very late reply.. i never visit my blog and had been busy too..
      Anyway, it doesnt takes time, basta kumpleto lahat ng papers, madali mo makukuha ang kelangan mo sa embassy.. :) sakin kasi non, inasikaso na ng parents ko ang cenomar ko then NSO bc ko before ako makauwi ng pinas na kasama sha :)

  8. PS Charms,

    Im so happy and overwhemed of your love story, hope i will have too God prepares for me hehe... Im happy reading all ur posts and get me signed in hehe..


  9. Hi Charmelle,

    I'm AJ and I found your blog really helpful especially for me who has lots of questions about marriage preparation. As I understand, you marry in the Philippines with your dutch husband. I hope you can help me with my concern, I am totally confused about one of the document that is needed for filling an application for marriage license here in Manila, and that is the "Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage", please help me understand how I need to do the process. Does your husband get the "Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage" their in Holland before he comes to the Philippines or did he get it here in the Philippines at the Netherland Embassy when he arrived? How did you and your husband do it? I hope you'll answer me as soon as you read my message. Thanks in advance and God Bless You.


    1. Yes, they have this own term na parang Cenomar din jan satin if you are planning to get married soon. And the copy of contract too and BC din nia and passport copy. :) if you have questions, you can add me or search me on facebook.. :) il answer if i have time :)

  10. Every language has its own importance. As Dutch language is the finest language spoken over the work. Learning dutch language is not much difficult . for more info click here .

    1. Yes, im currently having my school now here in the Netherlands for Staatsexamen.. and had my 2nd company for work.. it takes time to have full time contract here in the Netherlands so I had my 2nd job now but in the same field. At least, i finished 1 legal contract already. Thank you for the comment. :)

  11. Hi Charmelle,
    Naiiyak po ako sa sobrang ganda ng love story mo, I hope someday our story will be the same as yours :) . And same here i am with my dutch boyfriend and planning to visit him next year. Ask ko lang po, is it difficutl to apply for 3 months Visa going to Netherlands? Thank you

  12. Hoi Charmelle ...
    Hi I'm so happy to see your Blog , like you I was so blessed and Grateful to God's Miracles, that through Facebook and Yahoo :) I've meet my wonderful and amazing Boyfriend . He came here last January and went back to Amsterdam last July, And were looking forward to have my Schenegen Visa ... hope once we start our Application . God will bless us with this journey of our life together , me being able to visit him and experience netherlands.. I know what it feels to have a dutch boyfriend and I know your so happy also .. I can't wait to see him again soon . Thank you . Your letter is an inspiration . God Bless and my Prayers to you both . Dank u


  13. Charmelle, thank you so much for posting how to process all documents as i need it. Im in a relationship with a Dutch and im happy for you and your husband. You really help me a lot with your posts. I hope my love story with him will end like yours. Happy new year 2014, may we be more blessed this coming year!!! i now have all the informations needed, thank you so much! :-D


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    1. vhaybietaz....Legal Capacity to marry and kukuhanin ninyo sa Nethrlands Embassy then mag apply kayo ng Mariage License sa Municipiyo ninyo ..hope this will help!

  15. Hello Charmelle..congratulations !
    Your Blog helps a lot !

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  17. Hi Charmelle.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and information.
    I have a question po.
    We received positive advice from IND regarding our application, I was approved na to live in The Netherlands. I was supposed to set up an appointment na sa embassy with the results of my exam at ID picture. Kaya lang may passport is expiring January 2015 and our target travel date is August 2014. Hindi ako sure if irerenew ko ba dapat ang passport ko before mag set up ng appointment sa embassy, or mag pa appointment muna. I'm concern kasi mostikely magbabago na yung passport number ko if mag renew na dba? Ang worries ko ay baka irequire akong mag submit ng application ulit with new passport number. if hindi nman ako mag renew agad, and if mailagay na yung stamp sa expiring passport ko, baka on August hindi ako palampasin ng immigration.

    I'm confused.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you in Advance!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Hello Charmelle, I'm glad to you have posted about this. I really find it to look for detailed infos about UK Marriage Visa. I have a girlfriend in Europe and we wanted to marry soon and live in the UK. I hope our marriage visa application will be approved like yours. Thank you so much!

  19. Hi I'm happy for both of you. Nakita ko blog mo while searching for some information. I hope you can give me some information.I'm engaged to my dutch bf at gusto nya malaman ano ang fastest way para makapunta kami ng anak ko. Btw I'm a single mom at gamit ng anak ko ang name ng father nya. Plan nya na magpakasal kami ano po ang mga requirements for us to get married here at ano ang requirements na need nya submit or dalhin dito from Netherlands. Thanks and God bless you.

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  21. Hi Charmelle.

    I have been researching regarding the processes of being engaged and marrying to a Dutch. I am overwhelmed by the information thus I came across to your blog.

    I wanted to know in regards to your residence as a Netherland citizen. How long did it took you to finally be a citizen? And during the waiting time, are you allowed to travel outside NL?

    I hope to hear from you.
    Thanks! :D